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The Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit is a new domain for me. I’ve never at any point thought about or wanted to experience electro-sex at any time as I really thought it was something a little too kinky for me! The Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Shock Therapy Kit is made by the sex toy manufacturers Pipedream Products. True to Pipedream’s quality the sex toy arrives in a handy and hardy box, on the cover it features a woman bravely using the Shock Therapy Kit. From what I can see, she is obviously by all accounts getting a charge out of it! You can use this in public like those publicly-displayed chastity cages!

The Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit contains a digital power control unit (which is a remote control to you and me), 4 adhesive pads, a bi-polar lead wire, a instruction manual and a free love mask. The remote just takes 2 x AAA batteries. This puts me on ease because if it takes only 2 small batteries, it can’t hurt that much right? The individual adhesive pads are connected by wires into the remote control. The wires are sufficiently long enough to place on different erogenous zones for your personal pleasure and comfortably use the remote without any problems.

The adhesive pads are to a great degree sticky! They are surely not going to tumble off whilst you are having fun with them. You must be mindful so as not to touch them with your fingertips which can be truly precarious.

They have clear plastic covers that can be placed over them to keep them sticky – so don’t throw them away or lose these! I’m not certain to what extent the adhesive pads will last. I would assume that they would probably last 10 uses, but this is a pure guess! But one of the great things about this product is that when they do need to changed, you can actually buy them separately at an affordable price. This makes them worth the money especially if you absolutely love electrostimulation.

Erotic electrostimulation sex toyThe digital power control unit also displays clear settings. When you go through the modes you will discover that there are pre-set modes that work best for different muscles and particular areas of the body. There are over 100 different modes to choose from – so if I were to attempt to disclose all of them to you we could be here for quite a while! Every mode has a clock which turns the device off after around 10 to 15 minutes of use.

The love mask is made from a shabby material but it was free and it did what it was supposed to do. Using the love mask helped to deprive my eyesight which helped to enhance the levels of erotic electrostimulation that I felt. It is a lot of fun especially if you ask your lover to change the modes.

I first attempted the Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit with my lover. I allowed him to place the adhesive pads on my back, for some reason I expected the experience to feel like a dazzling back rub. My goodness! I had no idea just how wrong I’d be. When they describe their product as being shocking they are not mucking around! Although it was powered by 2 x AAA batteries, there was a hell of a ton of force! On lower settings it felt truly pleasant, however on the higher settings the erotic electrostimulation was strong.

The instruction manual provides generally clear instructions on how to begin to use the product and I find these instructions easy as those tips for using chastity devices. I think one thing the instruction manual is missing is the locations on where to place the adhesive pads. I feel that if Pipedream Products were to update their manual with this information, it would help people experience higher levels of pleasure or pain!

I’m certain I read somewhere that erotic electrostimulation increases the levels of collagen and increased levels of collagen can potentially firm up a woman’s breasts. This is worth an attempt right? I tested this out and I can’t say the sex toy did anything for my breasts aside from making them move about all over the place. Although, seeing them move was truly an exciting thing to see.

I genuinely didn’t think erotic electrostimulation would be for me however if you know where to put the adhesive pads and are able to effectively work out the settings it can make an incredible electro sex toy. It’s not only for people who like painful pleasure but it can also be incredible for releasing muscle pressures after you’ve had a work out. I do like that you can put the 4 adhesive pads where ever you like on the body so they don’t all need to be in the one spot. Electro sex toys also come in the form of chastity cages suitable for booty calls. It will be a shocking experience!

The Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit is extraordinary for beginners as you can effortlessly control the mode yourself. You can also quickly change it to go down to the lowest setting. The LCD screen makes it straightforward to use and there is a large range of settings that you can choose from. The LCD screen allows you to see the velocity, power and mode. The Fetish Fantasy Shock Therapy Kit was pretty awesome even though I am not sure if I want to explore the BDSM roleplaying scene any further.