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Ben Wa balls are erotic pleasure balls that can be inserted vaginally, in addition to the fact that the balls are used for erotic purposes; it also has a medical effect. With vagina balls your pelvic floor muscles are trained, which in turn is good for pregnant women and women who want to experience more erotic pleasure during sex. The muscles in the woman’s vagina will be trained by keeping the vagina balls inside. By training these muscles you as a woman will also notice that you experience your orgasms a lot more intense. Even older women can use vagina balls to prevent incontinence, for example. In addition to Ben Wa balls, anal balls are sold in our sex shop, please note that you do not train your anus, but are used purely for erotic pleasure.

How Ben Wa balls works? How do you bring in the vagina balls?

If you want to put the vagina balls in, you do this one by one. If this is stiff or does not go smoothly, you can use a lubricant to ease penetration. You can decide for yourself where to put the balls in the vagina, it is wise to place the vagina balls on top of the pelvic floor muscles. Roughly speaking, you can place the balls where you normally place your tampon. The vaginal balls can usually be inserted through a handle, these vagina balls are often in a cord, but that certainly does not apply to all vagina balls, because you can also find loose balls, without a cord. These balls fall under Ben Wa balls, love balls or Geisha balls. Are you looking for a vagina ball with string? For this we have a special page.

Other names for Ben Wa balls

Not everyone will immediately recognize Ben Wa balls, so there are different names such as Geisha balls, vagina balls and Love balls, which might be better known to the general public.

The Love Balls or Ben Wa balls were used according to narrative by the geishas to train their muscles. They could even bounce them against each other. We still find that food for advanced users. But it appeals to the imagination what you could do with your muscles for the male member!

Vaginal workout for more intense orgasms

But the most important thing is something that many women do not know promote strong vagina muscles and intensifies the female orgasm! So it is very important not only to give your body that weekly workout but also to dedicate time to the muscle that can give women the most pleasure! Of course you can also practice ‘dry’.

After childbirth or incontinence

Many women struggle to return to vaginal form after delivery. The balls can be a huge help in strengthening your pelvic floor muscle. You can also get the (associated) incontinence problems under control again.

Pelvic physiotherapy

Do not spend too long with a weakened or too tense pelvic floor muscle! We recognize the importance of this and the associated health complaints. If in doubt and for help, find a reputable pelvic physiotherapist.

Make contact with your pelvic floor muscle

To get in touch with your PC / pelvic floor muscle you can stop your pee while urinating, the muscle you use is the one you should have! Once you have contact with it you can even practice it while you are waiting for the tram.

Easy practice with the Love Balls

For those who have more difficult contact with her muscles, the love balls are a good solution. Because of the thickness of the balls they are easier to hold by your muscles, which give you more grip on them.

Fun during foreplay

You can also use them during foreplay. It is very nice to bring them in and then pull them out again with some resistance from your muscles. This also stimulates your G-Spot area!

Nonsense in advertisements

In many advertisements for large mail orders, the description of the Ben Wa balls means that they provide intense orgasms only by carrying them in.

Experts experience is that a part of the women does indeed become wild when she has her love balls during a meeting, but that a large part needs to go to the disco or aerobics class for some time. It is of course a very exciting idea tries it out!

Ben Wa balls are specially meant for the woman.  In general, it is 2 balls, the size of bouncing balls on a string.  The end of the string is a loop.  There are balls of weight that vibrate with movement.

During the SM it is nice to put the submissive in these balls and then instruct her to make sure they stay in her vagina.  She immediately trains her pelvic floor muscles.  You can also let her walk and tell her that she will be punished if you hear her because the weights in the balls make a nice ticking sound with movements.

Attention points:

Pay attention if you are going to buy balls, sometimes they are not well finished and the seam can be rough, which could damage the wall of the vagina. is the go-to site for worry-free and discreet online shopping of Ben Wa balls. LoveBallsLoyalty – use this coupon code at check out for cheaper ben wa balls at

Make sure that the loop of the string lingers outside the vagina, and then you have as Dominant control over when you want to take them out.

Intimate hygiene and Ben Wa balls

Many women give up the use of Ben Wa balls, because they fear worries of hygiene. Indeed, and we can never say it enough, our vagina is sensitive to all the aggressions, and the vigilance is therefore appropriate. Also, and above all, remember: smart balls are intimate devices, for personal use. They must never be lent.

Another point and not the least: your geisha balls have a life, even the most expensive. Also, and at the slightest sign of wear, do not hesitate to change them. Indeed, even if they are made of “soft” materials such as silicone, they can still hurt you during the exercises, and they will prove more difficult to clean.

Forget about “grandma’s remedies”

A lot of “grandmother’s remedies” are circulating about hygiene around geisha balls, here are some of them:

Ben Wa balls must be sterilized by immersing for 5 to 10 minutes in water to boil

Ben Wa balls should be cleaned with alcohol

Be careful, these solutions are to be avoided. If they could be applied a few decades ago because of the material of geisha balls such as rubber, very resistant but uncomfortable, the geisha balls have been able to adapt to new materials such as PVC or silicone medical grade. These materials are more “fragile” confer a great comfort to the use of smart balls. Also, it is advisable to avoid exposing them to very high temperature, and to use on them compounds based on alcohol or solvents.

Good gestures

But then how to clean the geisha balls? You are concerned about hygiene around the use of geisha balls, and fear of getting a vaginal thrush or a virus or bacteria? So follow these tips carefully.

First, the choice of the cleaner: If we must forget the hydro alcoholic solutions and other “sterilization”, the soap is also to be banned. Although its use provides good hygiene, it is worth remembering that the soap residue that can stay on the geisha balls after cleansing can be particularly aggressive for our vaginal flora. So if you use soap, be sure to rinse the geisha balls after cleaning them.

Also, and rather than soap, Experts advise you to opt for a cleaning spray. They are inexpensive (count a budget to 7 to 10 euros) and will guarantee maximum hygiene, without risk to your privacy. Various brands offer cleaning sprays for intimate accessories, such as Kegel8. Some can even be used as an intimate cleansing solution. You will find especially these sprays at our points of sale.

As for the frequency of cleaning, it is obvious that after each use, it is imperative to carefully cleaning and maintaining Ben Wa balls. However, do not forget to clean them before use. Indeed, despite the precautions taken for their storage, this cleaning is imperative before using them to ensure maximum