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When you think about vibrators and their users, you first have women in mind. These are actually the main target industry and buy tons of vibrators. Nevertheless, there are also vibrators for men. They are currently still a niche product, but slowly the men’s world begins to discover sex toys for themselves. While most still only use their hand to masturbate, the increasing quality of the products helps break the ice.

What is a penis plug? A vibrator for men is not easy to find, but the Internet has some options. First, you have to distinguish what exactly you want to do with the vibrator for men. Should he be introduced anal or stimulate the penis?

Vibrator for men who want to stimulate the penis

If you are looking for a welcome change from your hand, here are the best vibrators for men to take care of your penis. Probably the most popular is the Cobra Libre by Fun Factory. It is a vibrator into which the penis can be inserted. He lashes the glands with swinging movements and the inside is made of soft silicone.

The quality of the product, as used to it by Fun Factory, is first class and you do not have to worry about the materials used, the vibration level or the cleaning.

Another vibrator for men is PULSE brand Hot Octopuss . Beginners use this device by lubricating the penis, encasing it with PULSE and masturbating as usual. The vibration stimulates a lot and makes for a great experience. Many users do not use lube and thus provide more friction between PULSE and the limb. So you do not have to lend a hand and can relax very relaxed.

Vibrator for men for a prostatic massage

Many men dismiss this as unmanly and gay, but who overcame his inhibitions once, will find that it can be great fun. For a pleasant prostate massage you need a good vibrator that can do the job reliably. It is important that man here cannot use conventional sex toys, but a man vibrator is needed. This is due to the different anatomy of the sexes.

The following model is recommended:

With the Billy of the brand Lelo man can specifically massage the prostate and experience a tremendous feeling. The special is not only its perfect shape, but also a battery life that lasts for four hours of enjoyment. With the five different vibration levels you can gradually bring the climax and can then easily clean the vibrator for men.

When it comes to sex toys, most people think of vibrators or dildos for women. And sextoys for couples are becoming increasingly popular and provide more variety and pleasure in the common love game but what about sex toys for the male gender? Man (n) should finally get their money – whether in a partnership or as a single. Sex shops attach great importance to a wide selection of quality sex toys for men. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, we offer high quality and stylish sex toys from well known brands  like Flesh light, Pipedream, Tenga, Fun Factory, Dorcel, Lelo and many more.

This is men’s thing – sex toys for him

The sex toys for men range are bigger than many think. From the cock ring via masturbators, prostate stimulators, potency rings and sex dolls – for all your preferences and fantasies you will find the right product with us. But these kinds of toys are more on the mainstream and you can get them just about anywhere. You can always buy here at lustplugs and know more about another kind of men’s special sex toy— the penis plugs,

Have fun alone

No matter if single or in a relationship, the fun alone should never be forgotten. It never hurts to find out what you are standing for and what makes you sexually excited. Sex toys offer the opportunity to broaden your horizons and explore your own lust. Love dolls, for example, are modeled on a woman in all its advantages. Of course, there are also male love dolls. So you can test in peace, what you like and enjoy yourself.

More variety

If you are looking for new experiences and variety in the masturbation, then try a masturbator. They reproduce the vagina of a woman deceptively real and guarantee you intense feelings and orgasms. They are available in different shapes, colors and different materials. For even greater stimulation, these small wonders often have built-in vibration functions or shock pulses. Masturbators with pimples or grooves, which additionally stimulate the penis, are highly popular. Some masturbators also have a suction cup to attach the masturbator to the wall or floor. You have the choice whether you want to use it standing or lying, up or down.

Also Flesh lights are increasingly popular with men. They are shaped like a flashlight, where the name of the sex toy comes from, and very inconspicuous. Your secret is inside. Their opening, which is not only in vaginal form, but also as a replica of the mouth or anus, gives men much pleasure.

With hand-operated masturbators and flesh lights, you can increase the stimulation by hand. Mechanical masturbators, however, do all the work for you. With sophisticated electronics and motor motors, you can relax and enjoy yourself. Which Masturbator is the best for you depends of course on your personal preferences?

Find your “P-point”

Like the “G-spot” in women, there is also a certain point (“P-point”) in men that is the center of pleasure and which man (s) can stimulate with sex toys. The prostate is a pleasure point that only the male world can understand. Initially, the use of a prostate stimulator may still be unfamiliar, but as soon as you get used to the new form of arousal, you’ll have fabulous orgasms. First of all, you have to try out which curvature, anatomical shape and vibration strength will lead you to the best result. Perhaps additional stimulation on the perineum will give you the absolute pleasure kick.

In addition to prostate stimulators, you can also use anal plugs  or anal dildos  made of silicone or other materials. Ultimately, plugs and dildos differed only in form. Anal dildos are narrower and longer, while anal plugs are shorter and more massive.

Longer always works

How about a sex toy for men, with which even the partner or the partner comes at his expense? With penis ring and penis pump   you bring your love game to completely new dimensions. A longer pleasure is always possible.

These sex toys give both partners long-lasting pleasurable moments. With the help of penis pumps and penis rings, the best part of the man swells bigger and firmer, which leads to intense sensations and orgasms? Penis rings are pulled over the penis and cause a congestion through which the erection lasts longer. Whether you have an erectile dysfunction or just want to prolong your stamina, with these sex toys you have more fun in bed.

In order to be able to stimulate the partner even better during sex, so-called sleeves or penile sheaths are suitable. They put the penis under pressure and thus lead to a longer stamina. Penis sheaths are available in different shapes, colors and sizes. Particularly stimulating are the sleeves with nubs. For even more excitement and fun in the shared love game there are couples tarts.