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With so many toys out there on the market, it can be a real slog to sift through all the dozens of nearly-identical-but-kind-of-different sex toys out there. Luckily for you, here’s a roundup of the most technologically advanced toys and products available today — because when everything important in your life is a gadget, you want your orgasms to be able to keep up too.

This Selfie Stick for Your Vagina

At first glance, this just looks like your average bullet vibe, but there’s actually a tiny lil endoscopic camera inside so you can see your orgasm like never before. It’s waterproof, with ultra-fast recharging (1.5 hours of charge time lasts for eight hours), and you can hook it up to FaceTime to share with a partner if you wanna bring your long-distance sext game to another level.

This Oscillating Vibrator

By using an oscillating motor (like the kind used in electric toothbrush motors), this vibrator feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced. Despite the fact that it looks like one of those pedicure tools that scrapes callouses from your foot, it’s actually a pretty smart product. One side has more diffused, broad vibrations (perfect for massaging), and the other side has more powerful vibrations. It’s also waterproof and rechargeable.

This Smart Toy That Simulates Oral Sex

Billed as the “world’s most intelligent oral sex simulator,” the Ora 2 has a “pleasure nub” that rotates and vibrates like a tongue. The intuitive toy also gets more intense with the vibrations as you apply pressure, so there isn’t as much awkward fumbling of buttons and whatnot. It’s also 100% waterproof, rechargeable, and has 10 settings for the ultimate control.

This Sex Doll Robot That Gets Tired of Your Shit, Just Like a Real Woman

The Samantha sex doll robot becomes “sexually excited” as you touch her body, saying different phrases like, “I like that,” or “I love what happens next.” Her “brain” is an SD card located in her head. The doll will also call out to her owner for attention, and needs to get sleep — kinda like those weird Robo-puppy toys from your youth. Their website says if you interact with her while she’s sleepy (as evidenced by the yawning, sighing, and sleeping sounds she’ll make), there’s a chance the doll might get turned on. But if you leave her while she’s sleepy, she’ll just fall asleep again.

This Rideable Sex Toy

The Motorbunny is a rideable sex toy that promises to be one of the most powerful experiences you’ll ever have. The kit includes the rub-only, small, medium, and large attachments to use, and you can always upgrade and get other attachments sold separately later, like one made to look like a rabbit vibrator, or one specifically designed for double penetration.

This Rabbit-Style Vibrator That’s Actually So Much More

While most vibrators just vibrate, the main part of the toy actually thrusts inside you, to mimic sex, while the clitoris vibe flutters about. The best part is, both the thrusting component, and the clitoris vibe have two separate motors, so you have up to 64 different combinations of speed and power.

This Ergonomic Sting-Ray Looking Vibrator

The Mimic is a waterproof and rechargeable vibrator that’s so teeny-tiny, you might not even realize it’s a sex toy at first glance. It also has a travel lock, so you can pack it for vacation without the lingering fear that TSA will find your vibrator and embarrass you. The ergonomically designed toy is meant to fit perfectly into your hand for an easy user experience, and it comes in seafoam, lilac, and black.

This Chic Kegel Tracker

This mint-green kegel exerciser is one of the cutest ones on the market, and also the smartest. It tracks your kegels using an app, and gives you feedback as you exercise. It was also developed by former Dyson and Jawbone engineers, so you know the technology is legit AF. The sleek case also serves as a charger and looks chic enough to be mistaken for a speaker or something else cute that you’d leave out on display.

This Virtual Reality Fleshlight

When paired with a VR headset and the SenseMax app, this masturbation sleeve lets a guy experience what it’s like to fuck by proxy through animated characters on the screen. The vibrating masturbation sleeve is also waterproof, lasts two hours on a charge, and can be suction cupped to any surface.