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1. Lovehoney

Truly one of the best sites for sex toys. The reviewers are often frequent customers and can add things like their relationship status, age, and sexuality to their profile. There are also explainer videos for almost all of the toys! This builds a sense of community within the site itself. Lovehoney boasts tons of selections, discreet packaging, and free shipping on orders over $60!

2. Maude

Known for its beautiful, minimalist products, and this vibrator is no different. The sleek, quiet, wireless design (runs 2.5 hours after charging with USB) is perfect for beginners and for vibe experts who are looking to try something new. The site offers free shipping, and the vibrator is waterproof!

3. Rodeoh

A queer-friendly and trans-friendly brand that specializes in comfortable, gender-neutral, secure harnesses in many styles, including boxer harnesses and brief harnesses. Rodeoh carries plus sizes, and most of its dildos are harness-friendly, too, so you can get it on with toys that seriously cater to your sex life. They also have a large selection of vibrators and use premium-quality silicone.

4. Unbound

Here to bring you body-safe vibrators and sex toys, and they are all reasonably priced! You can even choose to pay for your new toy in interest-free installments. All of its products are cute in design, and they are powerful enough to get the job done. Perhaps Unbound’s most impressive toy is the Bender, which has a super-flexible body to internally and externally stimulate. It is multispeed and waterproof and charges via magnetic USB.

5. Lelo

Makes high-quality, uniquely designed toys that’ll keep you on your toes. Plus, it offers free shipping on orders over $50!

6. Etsy

Home to all things handmade, and the sex toys are no different. If you want a particular type of toy you can’t find anywhere else, or you’re in need of a wild, custom-made toy, Etsy is the place to find it!

7. Adam & Eve

An online adult superstore that has everything from lube to bondage, and of course nearly every sex toy you could imagine! You get free shipping on orders $59 or more, and a free gift when you spend at least $17.

8. Walmart

Not the sexiest place to shop, but if you’re a newbie and are completely overwhelmed by the wide web of sex toys, Walmart has a large selection of well-made, affordable toys by brands you can trust.

9. Spencer’s

You can buy one of the best dildos ever made online (and get another half off!), and Spencer’s products have lots of reviews from excited customers so you can gauge which toys are right for you.

10. Babeland

Started as a store that opened in response to the lack of women-friendly sex shops in Seattle and is now a thriving online community and store with high-quality toys that cater to all adults. It often supports nonprofits through fundraising partnerships and aims to change the world one orgasm at a time. It offers free shipping on orders over $69.