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Electro sex toys (sometimes just referred to as electrodes) transmit an electrical signal that stimulates your intimate areas. They create a mild tingling sensation on lower levels and when you hit just the right power level (everyone is different), your muscles will start clenching and relaxing in time with stimulation. The sensations are intensely sexy and have been described as feeling similar to the contractions you experience during orgasm and hands-free thrusting. Orgasmic!

To use any of our electrodes you will need an electro stimulator. The stimulator is a power pack with built-in controls that provides the electrical sensations you’ll feel during play. Stimulators include a connecting wire with two 2mm pins on the end that slot into our electrodes and you need to connect both pins to feel sensation. You can use one bi-polar electrode or two uni-polar electrodes to complete the circuit and you must make sure that the electrode/s are in contact with your body before play. You can tell if an electrode is uni-polar or bi-polar by reading the product descriptions.

Using ElectraStim sex toys is really easy. Follow the instructions provided with your stimulator and chosen electrodes to get yourself ready for play. Different types of electrodes have different preparation steps so always read the instructions even if you’re used to using sex toys.

Once your electrodes are connected in place you can switch on the stimulator and choose a stimulation setting and power level. All stimulators start off with a continuous stream of stimulation and a level 0 power setting, so you won’t feel anything until you increase the power level. Slowly increase the power until you can feel sensation through the electrode/s.

When you can feel stimulation, experiment with the pattern settings. Patterns range in speed, style and output to create a range of different sensations. Experimentation will help you find the best pattern settings to pique your arousal and you may find that you like different patterns with different electrodes.

Not all electrodes produce the same level intensity. The smaller the contact area on the electrode, the more intense power levels will feel. This means you’ll probably want to use a higher power setting for electrodes with bigger contacts and a lower power setting for electrodes with smaller contacts. us

Once you’ve found the right settings for you, you can use our electro sex toys just like any other sex toy. Dildos can be twisted and thrusted to increase sensations and electro cock rings can be worn at the base of the penis during sex. You can even share sex toys with your partner when you each connect an electrode to the same connecting wire. Not only will you feel sensation around the electrodes, you’ll also experience it everywhere you touch! Now there’s something your average sex toy can’t manage.