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What is Erotic ElectroStimulation?

For the past year I’ve been working closely with ElectraStim, a UK company who invent and produce electro sex toys, distributing them worldwide via adult retailers and their international (UK/European/USA & more) website.

Prior to my introduction to Andy at Cyrex (ElectraStim’s parent company), my knowledge of erotic electrostimulation (EES) was full of holes. I had an understanding of the physics surrounding the practice and I’d certainly used EES in my work as a dominatrix but I hadn’t explored electrosex beyond the realms of external sensory play. My personal experience wasn’t marrying with the interesting array of electrodes I was discovering, so being the curious-minded creature I am, I got in touch with Andy in regard to reviewing some of his products.

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Andy sent me the ElectraStim EM60-M kit and a Wave Electro Dildo to try out to help me gain a better grasp of how erotic e-stim works. What I discovered is that internal and external stimulation, although similar in theory, feel incredibly different. I also learned that sharing an electrical charge with a partner when using a stimulator is one of the sexiest and connected experiences available to couples. Far from erotic electrostimulation being the preserve of fetishists, I realised that when you’re furnished with a little insider knowledge, EES toys are incredibly sensual and a little undeserving of their niche product placement. Sure, they are fantastic fetish products and are irreplaceable in the realms of CBT, pussy torture and pushing the pleasure/pain boundary further, but that’s just a single facet of electro play.

Marketing has a lot to answer for. Our kindred pervs on the fet scene are pioneers in experimental sexual practices – they’re the first to buy, the first to try and the first to set the bar by which we judge erotic products. If a product range is considered to be niche by virtue of its BDSM abilities, it’s hard to look past those ideas as a person with little-to-no knowledge of its potential. Thanks to this realisation, I now dedicate a lot of my working time with ElectraStim, explaining how different types of electro sex toys work and what you can expect. I try to cover both sides of the coin, the pleasurable effects of using erotic electro-stimulation as a pleasure enhancer and also the more intense side connected with bondage and fetish games.

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I won’t regurgitate the content of the ElectraStim advice guides I’ve written, but if you’re a curious newcomer, you should check out the Beginner’s ElectraStim Advice Guides for the 411. I would like to give a quick lowdown of the sensations you can expect in a nice, easy-to-digest bullet list:

  • Using electro sex toys is not painful… unless you want it to be. You set the parameters for power and the stimulators are highly adjustable, so you only need to push the levels up enough to feel sensations if you want a more sensual erotic experience.
  • The sensations feels like a gentle tingle that rises and falls in time with the stimulation pattern. It’s not usually prickly or pins-and-needles-like unless you don’t have good bodily contact with the electrode or you have power set to a high level.
  • The smaller the contact area with your body, the more intense stimulation will feel. Using a dildo will offer softer stimulation than using a small butt plug because the electricity is spread out over a wider area, so you’ll want to use a lower intensity with a smaller toy.
  • When power is set to just the right level, it causes the muscles beneath or surrounding the electrode to contract in time with stimulation. When using external pads, it feels similar to a massage. When using a vaginal or anal sex toy, it feels similar to orgasmic contractions – that’s the main unique selling point of electro sex toys, they make your body move as opposed to moving against your body. People generally start experiencing a ticklish sensation at levels 2 – 4 and accompanying contractions at levels 3 – 6.
  • You can share sensations in-sync with your partner by sharing a channel. If you both use an electrode connected to the same wire (you can attach 2 toys to a single channel), you’ll feel sensations through the electrodes as well as everywhere you touch one another. This turns you both into living, breathing electro sex toys.
  • There are a lot of electro sex toys available to cater for all different types of toy play. If you’re fond of dildos, try an electro dildo. Vibrating cock rings? Try an electro cock ring. The products are like-for-like, albeit the sensations differ to traditional vibrations.
  • Electro play can make you feel more sensitive to touch. Much like erotic massage excites the nerve endings, electro-stimulation goes deeper to further excite your body. This is particularly effective during sensory play. If your body becomes accustomed to being stroked, massaged, tickled or spanked, electro play can make you feel more sensitive to touch again.

I can probably talk about erotic estim for hours, given the level of involvement I now have with the products and the brand. Those interested in hearing more about using electro sex toys from a first-time perspective can check back here later in the week. I’ll be posting the original reviews I wrote for ElectraStim to share a little insight into my electro play exploration. Let’s just say I liked them so much… I asked them to become my client. 😉