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Most of us are no strangers to having a kinky sex life. However, some fetishes are still taboo and obscure for your average Joes and Janes. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid exploring new ideas and finding out whether some of them make sex better for you

This time, we’ll discuss some tail butt plugs and pet play.

What is pet play?

Essentially, pet play is a form of sexual fetishism that incorporates animal role-play involving a handler and their pet. In some ways, it’s a Dom/sub relationship, similar to other BDSM-like practices. However, pet play doesn’t have to involve any kind of bondage or rough sex. The roles range from dogs (puppies) to other animals like cats and foxes, so you can choose to be whatever you want to be.

Either way, curiosity is a big part of pet play. Like all animals, subs will act joyful when they see their handler, giving them licks and sniffs across the crotch. But this happiness can turn into recklessness, too, even if there’s love involved. Hence, if the pet behaves itself, its handler will allow them to do certain things and even reward them with a scratch or tap across the butt.

What is your favorite tail to wear?

The type of role you embody will reflect what kind of tail anal toy you wear. Since different animals have different personalities, your choice will depend on your mood. Nevertheless, the fetish is pretty versatile and open to many ideas and fantasies. That means you can play a dog if you feel like it or act like a pony if it suits you better.

Some of the most common roles are puppies, cats, foxes, horses, bunnies, and raccoons. Yet, you don’t have to act like a small, cute animal if you feel differently. For example, a sub can play the role of a mature dog or cat that’s independent and doesn’t obey its handler’s orders. 

Wearing the right tail should also be your concern. There are vast options to look for online, but the Lovegasm website offers only the best style that suits your kink. Take a look and see that there’s a lot of things that you need to try.

But let’s take a look at different tail plugs and see what each one of them offers for pet play enthusiasts.

Fox tail butt plug

Most people not involved with this kink will assume that pet play kinksters are all about domesticated animals. However, there’s much fun to be had while playing the role of a feisty fox. 

Yes, you can easily find a suitable fox tail butt plug to enrich your pet fantasy. Foxes can be pretty playful, even if they’re solitary animals. Their tails are usually fluffy and long, with most being sixteen to nineteen inches long. Nevertheless, color patterns available are more conservative, with browns, blacks, and whites as usual suspects.

Dog tail butt plug

Dog or puppy play is all about being your handler’s best friend. You get to run around, snuggle, and be trained by your owner, all while wagging your tail. Yet, dog tail butt plugs are a lot simpler than others. They come from silicone and are short and curly. 


The length of these tails is around eight inches. Of course, you can find shorter ones if you find them more attractive. You can also get more accessories to go along with your dog role-play scenarios, such as collars, bowls, and dog beds.

Cat tail butt plug

Unlike dogs, cats are individualists that have their own rules. Being one means that you can enjoy more freedom and be a bit more reckless. Yet, that takes away from their fabulously looking tails that you can combine with latex costumes. They’re some of the fluffiest and bushiest around, and they come in all sorts of colors suitable for any occasion. You can even find pink and purple ones. The length of cat tail butt plugs is usually around fourteen to nineteen inches.

Horse tail butt plug

In case you enjoy being a prancing pony, you’re in for a treat. Horse tail butt plugs are some of the cutest out there. Although a bit more rigid, the whole role-play explores the calm nature of these fine animals. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t expect to live in a barn while wearing one, even if the outdoors suit you better. Their tails are longest and usually come in black or white. To make the whole act even more realistic, you can find harnesses, bridles, and even whips to enjoy some rough play.

Bunny tail butt plugs

Being a bedroom bunny is probably the most popular role in the world. However, not everyone is brave and kinky enough to plug a faux fur stainless-steel ass toy and be a real human pet to their master. Bunny play is all about being bouncy, soft, and gentle. So, their tails have similar qualities — they’re round and short, about three inches long. When it comes to colors available, bunny tails come in all shades possible. For more accessories and added fun, you can always play around with whips, gags, and corsets.

Raccoon tails

Even if some might not consider racy raccoons ideal pets to play with, there’s much fun that comes along with them. These furballs have a playful personality and are often reckless, making the whole deed exciting and rewarding. You can tease them with toys, making them run around and do silly stuff. As such, their tails are equally goofy and fun. Raccoon tail butt plugs are mostly brown with light and dark variations. Their length is between ten and fifteen inches, which is pretty moderate. The toy itself is usually made from silicone or stainless steel, making them body-safe and easy to clean.