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There are many tricks and tools to help boost potency and libido and take the act to a whole new level. For example, with love balls. In this post you will learn all about the mysterious pearls – and what your pelvic floor has of it.

The free woman – in every way

Here in Germany we are lucky enough to live in a free society. Especially for us women, it means that we are an equal part of public life, work and vote, choose our husband / partner ourselves, or do not vote at the moment, and that we determine our body. We dress and style ourselves as we please. And we decide with whom and when we have sex and if we have children.

The modern self-determined woman not only raises this minimal claim, but often strives for passion and a fulfilled sexuality. And regardless of age and phase of life. And because the body does not always want to be like the head, and because men and women of classic flower sex are often too boring, many women and couples grab love balls. So you will also have to know do yoni eggs work? It sure do, it strengthen your pelvic floor through the yoni egg can even result in a stronger core, better bladder control and more intense orgasms. You can buy them in erotic shops, in online retail and now even in drugstores. There are more kegel eggs here.

Sex toys are trendy

At least since “Fifty Shades of Gray “sextoys are socially acceptable. Gone are the days when only disguised figures sneaked into the erotic shop secretly and secretly. Dirty and wicked that was somehow.

Today lovingly designed products in online shops exude playful lifestyle flair. Yes, advertising even runs at prime time In Free TV. Vibrators lube and massage oil, handcuffs and dildos – there is really everything that you can imagine (and sometimes cannot imagine). Here it is also a very natural way to increase the pleasure for both partners: pelvic floor exercises. Quite simply, without special aids – or with so-called “love balls”.

What are love balls?

In the lifestyle sector, they carry promising names such as “lust pearls, love, orgasm” or even “thunder balls”. Gosh! In Japan they are known as “Reno-tama” or “Ben-was”. Doctors pragmatically refer to them as “vaginal cones” or “vaginal weights”.

The prototype of all these products consists of two or three interconnected balls in table tennis ball size, which is inserted vaginally. Their pure weight, rotating inner balls or even built-in vibrators stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. You can buy them in erotic shops, in online retail and now even in drugstores.

There are many different materials:

  • Plastic (light)
  • Silicone (light)
  • Latex (light)
  • Precious metal (heavier variant)

All wonder balls share a smooth, non-porous surface. So germs and pathogens cannot settle and the balls can be easily inserted and removed.

What does wife have from it?

Originally, the balls were worn during sexual intercourse to increase HIS pleasure. But soon it turned out that the utensil also liked her. A win-win situation in love affairs. But love balls are far more than jokers.

Their second, special effect unfolds without any male intervention. For example, if she is wearing her normal everyday activities, she is effectively strengthening her pelvic floor, especially the so-called “PC muscle” that surrounds the genitalia. The muscles are automatically activated and built up when worn.

A strong pelvic floor gives women an increased sexual sensitivity and a more intense orgasm. In addition, it is important to control the urine and stool reliably. The meaning of a trained pelvic floor usually becomes clear only when it no longer functions properly. Many women suffer from incontinence, uterine or vaginal prolapse due to a sagging pelvic floor. Love balls are therefore quite justified as sports equipment.

How to use the Lustperlen?

In the standard version, they can theoretically be used at any time and absolutely discreetly, as they are noiseless and invisible to the outside world. And that is how it works:

Similar to a tampon, the love balls are inserted vaginally on a relaxed pelvic floor with washed hands.

Ideal for pelvic floor training is when you do not sit while wearing the love balls, but is normally active and moves.

The training effect arises from the fact that you now “hold” the lust pearls with the pelvic floor so that gravity does not push them out of the vagina again. Conversely, there is no reason to worry about accidentally “losing” the balls because the vagina is closed towards the uterus by the cervix.

  • About this or by selective pushing out with relaxed pelvic floor as in the toilet, the balls are removed again.
  • After use, clean the balls with soap and water or with a special toy cleaner.
  • Pelvic floor training with love balls

Practically every woman can use love balls to train her pelvic floor, unless she recently had a birth or surgery (!). Especially mature women, whose “middle” has suffered from births, hormones or illnesses, can benefit from the workout with love balls. But even for women who do not manage to control their pelvic floor muscles consciously, the balls can be valuable companions. Their weight ranges from about 25 to 160 g.

Love balls are available in almost all forms:

  • conical
  • ball-shaped
  • sausage-shaped
  • Egg-shaped
  • heart-shaped, if you like it a bit cheesier

So you can choose your sports equipment highly individually. Manufacturers recommend starting the training with a light product and initially only wearing it for a few minutes. Otherwise, the unusual muscle training can overload the pelvic floor and you get untenrumsoreness. Ouch. Weight and wearing time are slowly increased. According to the manufacturer, the ball workout quickly improves the basic tension of the pelvic floor muscles and leads to noticeable training successes after just 14 days.

Since the balls have direct contact with the mucous membranes, women should place great value on the quality and safety of the material when purchasing them. It should be absolutely free from harmful substances such as phthalate, lead or mercury. It is also important that you can clean the balls easily.

Are love balls really that great?

This question cannot be answered in general. Unimaginable for some, they can be a pleasurable and meaningful enrichment to the quality of life for others. The motto is to try it out. Please share with us and others your experiences. We welcome your comments and opinions.

Love Balls – The workout for your pelvic floor

Love balls usually consist of two, sometimes only one or three hollow balls, which are connected to a band. They are introduced into the vagina. The pelvic floor muscles now ensure that you do not lose them. The vibrio balls inside the hollow balls stimulate the muscles to additional contractions and train them once more. You can also try to actively massage and move your balls in the vagina with the pelvic floor.

The result is a very firm pelvic floor. If you cock it during sex, you’ll quickly notice how much the tension intensifies your orgasm.

For freshly baked mums, these balls have another nice side effect; because of the midwives recommend the cheap sex toys: They help you in the recovery of the greatly stretched tissue. So your pelvic floor is much faster back to its best.

How do I care for my love balls?

It is best to introduce your love balls with a lubricant. The lust balls that you can buy in our online shipping are usually made of silicone. For them, a water-based gel is best. Of course you can order that in our drugstore.

You can wear your balls for a few minutes or the whole day. That depends on your fitness.

If you take the balls out, you should clean them before each new insert. For this you can use a mild soap or a toy cleaner. Then simply rinse with plenty of warm water. Before you let them disappear into your toy drawer, however, your love balls should be completely dried. This keeps your surface pleasantly soft and smooth for a long time.